Beer Lover's Tour

Calling all beer lovers! Hop on Hawaii's only 15 passenger bike!

Bring your party play list and your driver will crank up the tunes along the way!

He or she will ring the bell when  it's time to pedal while steering the bike

through Honolulu's outstanding arts and warehouse district, KAKA’AKO.

Your group will stop at three local Breweries for 35-40 minutes.

This tour is a great combination of exercise and local beer!

Pay as you go on this 2.5 hour journey!


Hop on Hawaii’s original and only 15 passenger bike!

A company driver cranks up the music, then rings the bell to let everyone

know it’s time to pedal and steers the bike through Kaka'ako,

Honolulu’s popular arts and warehouse district.

Pedal to 3 local brewpubs/bars for 35-40 minutes,

plenty of time to enjoy a craft beer or cocktail and appetizer at each stop!

Pay as you go on this 2.5 hour tour!

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